1 Hour, 1/2 Day and
Full Day Continuing
Education Seminars; AIA and IDCEC Learning Units.

Accessibility Barrier-free (BF), Sustainability Design (SD) and Health Safety Welfare (HSW) Credits.

NOTE: All topics listed below are AIA credited. IDCEC credited topics shown in RED (IDCEC).
Tour Options (TO), Auxiliary Programs (AP). All topics available in Live Webinars.

Building Material
Learning Studio

Coverings: Hardwood, Cork and Leather, #EGCVA13 (IDCEC) (HSW)

  • How is cork and leather processed and used in construction?
  • Sustainable options for coverings
  • Understanding hardwood species and applications
  • Installation and refinishing of coverings

Exploring Balconies, Decks and Terraces Using Barrier-free Drains and Pedestal Systems, #EGEBDT19 (IDCEC) (HSW) (BF) (TO)

  • Explore the challenge of specifying materials on balconies, decks and terraces
  • Discover how to identify proper waterproofing and drainage systems
  • Develop an understanding on how to use barrier-free drains and profiles on exterior projects
  • Examine the use of pedestal and rail systems based on modern technology

Art and Science of Engineered Concrete, Glass, Quartz and Terrazzo, #EGENA (HSW) (AP)

  • Art of installing Concrete and Terrazzo
  • What are sustainable engineered materials?
  • What is the Science of manufacturing Quartz and Recycled Glass countertops and tiles?
  • Applications and options in specifying engineered material

Outscapes: Designing with Masonry, Brick and Terra Cotta (Pending)

  • Differentiate types of masonry, brick and terra cotta
  • Understand how to use masonry and brick on exterior veneer
  • Study roofing options using terra cotta, concrete and stone
  • Learn tips on specifying, installation and application for paving

Materialology: Curating Finishes, Coverings, and Masonry, Modern Technology & Installation, 4-hour, #EGMAT0519 (IDCEC) (HSW) (TO)

  • Understand the characteristics and geology of natural stone and quarrying, processing and fabrication methods
  • Discover modern technology in manufacturing including technical tests and standards for porcelain, quartz, Sintered, masonry and decorative products
  • Identify the wood species, cork harvesting, leather tanning and uses in design
  • Examine innovations in manufacturing, quarrying techniques, fabrication, and on-site tour of facilities, showroom and plant

Accessibility Green
Learning Studio

Universal Design, ADA, Barrier-free, Accessories, Transitions, Material Concepts, #EGUDAT219 (IDCEC) (HSW) (BF) (TO)

  • Explain Universal Design, ADA, accessibility, aging in place and how they enhance the comfort of building occupants
  • Understand how accessories and hardware assist barrier-free access for bath, shower, toilet rooms, and wet areas
  • Examine how profiles, transitions and materials are used in modern installations for improved safety and quality of life
  • Identify materials concepts that will contribute to wellness and healthier buildings

Market Trends That Affect Your Business Surviving, #EGMTB14 (IDCEC) (SD) (HSW) (TO)

  • How current trends like using longer life cycle products, repurposing, and recycling affect material choices
  • How technology and evidence-based design changes the types of materials used on projects
  • What are the three generations of consumer & contemporary design?
  • How to identify real green concepts and the driver for improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Green Issues in Finishes, Coverings & Coatings, #GIFC (IDCEC) (HSW) (SD) (TO)

  • Gain insight on how stone, tile, glass and masonry contribute to green building
  • Understand how cleaners, coatings, and sealers can be used to improve indoor air quality
  • Examine current green building standards
  • Explore sustainable coverings including leather, wood, recycled glass, quartz and terrazzo

Sustainable Coverings, #EGCOV13 (HSW) (SD) (TO) (AP)

  • How is leather, cork, and wood coverings used in green building?
  • How sustainable concrete material is manufactured and used in construction?
  • What are the current green codes and standards?
  • Process for reclaiming recycled glass and how it can be used in tile and countertop applications

Solving Accessibility: Barrier-free Using Tile and Stone (Pending)

  • Evaluate options for accessories in barrier-free and identify how to use profiles and grab bars in Universal Design
  • Review and discuss standards and codes for grab bars and showers
  • Gain in-sight on aging and accessibility in modern design

Estudio Group LLC is a member of NSI, CTDA and USGBC. The presenter, Fred Jackson, CTC, CSI has over 25 years building industry experience and has been a speaker/trainer at NSI, Stone Expo, Coverings, KBIS, CTDA, USGBC, TTMAC, and BSI conferences and events.

All listed seminars would greatly benefit architects, designers, builders, facility managers, sales representatives and showroom personnel. For more information call 800.784.0231, email .

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